Saturday, August 20, 2016

More Height as Midget Buildings Unprofitable and Puny for Downtown--More Height = More Developer Profit

Burlington advocates for a 14-story Mall redevelopment just believe that 7, 8 or 9 floor buildings can provide enough space for offices, apartments and shopping.  They know that the puny sized Marriott/Westlake/Hilton Hotel trio of midget buildings are poorly sized and should have been built half again the current size.  Take a look:

This give a sense of height and massive scale when gong from the current downtown height limit of about six floor--like the 7 floor Hilton--and up to 9-10 floors when public benefits are provided--the size of Westlake and Marriott and then going four floors more which is outside current zoning--the 65 foot height took two years of process within the Planning Commission and City Council as business interests sought higher and higher limits and the community said no  Now businessman Sinex brings the same old saw, more height--which really translates into "more profits for me.":