Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sign the Petition!

Every Burlington resident gets hurt in the unsafe, dangerous wasteful $43 million design. This petition follows two years of grassroots efforts by the Pine Street Coalition and concerned residents. Public comment ended in 2006 with design done when no Complete Streets Law existed, no best practices of today including roundabouts and cycle track. The neighborhood changed rapidly but the design did not! 

That's why I signed a petition to Governor Phil Scott, which says:

"Start a new safe Parkway design for this generation benefiting Burlington's South End vibrant neighborhoods which (1) adds safe walk and bike facilities (2) cuts climate change pollutants (3) decreases injury crashes (4) stops dead ending Pine Street (5) costs less and avoids up to 1 1/2 lane roadway miles (6) gains six acres for economic development, open space and Englesby Brook protection." 

Will you sign the petition, too? Click here to add your name: