Thursday, August 27, 2015

Comment on Champlain Parkway in the Vermont Digger Srory Today

Posted by Tony Redington

The Parkway design now set for construction actually features not a single inch of quality
 walkable/bikable or even high safety drivable roadway. Against the City’s walk bike council 
advisory developed over six months and delivered to Mayor Weinburger in December, not a 
single recommendation can be found in the design–no separate walkway and bicycle 
facilities to assure safety, and not a single roundabout to assure safety for each mode at 
busy intersections. And, the lack of connectivity from Pine St. to points south using a 
roundabout gets shelved. A “Happy Days” 1950s design prevails for the Parkway which 
guarantees decades of relative desolation and commercial blight for the South End. Most 
important will be the needless serious injuries and a fatal or two over the life of the project 
which quality design prevents. Clearly the design represents an indelible black mark for the 
VTrans leadership of Secretary Minter and Mayor Weinberger whose administrators 
continue to mislead the community about this wolf in sheep’s clothing. One merely lays the 
landmark 2.8 mile North Avenue Corridor plan adopted last October against the Parkway to 
see the obvious fatal flaws in the South End project.

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