Saturday, March 19, 2016

Answer to Complaint of Too Many Roundabouts

In a Charlotte Observer blog, the writer complained about having to deal with several roundabouts on the way to work. To this, the following comments were made today: Drivers only think the roads and intersections are for them--and the young do not necessarily consider seniors are particularly vulnerable at signs or signals intersection because of reduced depth perception which comes with age. I agree--and a Japanese study shows--drivers quickly figure out they like being protected making left turns at a roundabout but have traded off a little extra time to make a through movements or a right hand turn. Half of all senior driver fatals occur at intersections and roundabouts cut total serious and fatals by about 90%. AARP supports conversion of signals to roundabouts as a result. Those on foot? Well, over 4,000 North American roundabouts and since the first roundabout in 1990 not a single pedestrian fatal to date! Since 1990 when the U.S. and the U.K. were tied fro first in highway safety, the U.S. has slid to 19th with the U.K. and Sweden tied for first--compared to those two nations we have 13,000 excess highway deaths out of 30,000 plus per year. You can say, "thank you" to each roundabout you circle for giving you and yours the gift of intersection safety!

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